Evaluation - Webinar 1:  Efficacy in Colorectal Cancer Screening Options

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Kate Mastalski, CHES | Senior Manager, Primary Care Systems

East Central Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.

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Evaluation - Webinar 1:  Efficacy in Colorectal Cancer Screening Options

Please state your agreement with the following statements with 5 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree.

The education is relevant to my practice.
The education was presented objectively and free of commercial bias.
The speaker was knowledgeable and effective.
I can explain the importance of offering both high quality stool blood testing and colonoscopy as colorectal cancer screening options.
I can select appropriate colorectal cancer testing for each patient, consistent with screening and surveillance guidelines.
I can identify the elements of a high-quality stool blood testing program and colonoscopy services.
I better understand resources available to assist my practice in the implementation of quality screening programs/services.
I am committed to making changes to my practice based on my experience with this activity.
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