Data You Can Use -Topics in Cancer Control and Prevention Webinar 2

Presented by the Data Advisory Committee (DAC) of the Pennsylvania Cancer Control, Prevention, and Research Advisory Board:

Join the DAC for its second of three webinars in the series Data You Can Use-Topics in Cancer Control and Prevention: Obesity Related Cancers in Pennsylvania;  Incidence, Research and Solutions

The webinar on Thursday, April 26 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM will discuss the incidence of obesity related cancers, current research and what the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) is doing to address obesity in Pennsylvania.  Presenters include David Sarwer, PhD, Director, Center for Obesity Research and Education – Temple University;  Alan Fleegal, Statistical Analyst Supervisor, Bureau of Informatics and Information Technology – DOH;  Nathan Werth, Statistical Analyst, Bureau of Informatics and Information Technology – DOH; and Tiffany Bransteitter, Obesity Prevention and Wellness Section Chief, Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity – DOH.  Joanna Stoms, Cancer Plan Manager, Pennsylvania Comprehensive Cancer Control Program – DOH, will serve as the moderator.

Northeast Region American Cancer Society will serve as the host of the webinar.

To register visit:

Questions may be submitted in advance through the registration process.  Please describe your question in detail.  Please note that questions will be answered during the webinar, time permitting.  All questions asked prior to and during the webinar will be answered and sent out in a follow-up email to attendees.