Tobacco-Free Youth

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Tobacco Free Youth

Tobacco Free Campus 

Promote the adoption of permanent smoke- and tobacco-free campus policies. Pennsylvania has a growing number of colleges, universities and hospital campuses that are now smoke-free or tobacco-free. 

Many of these policies include the prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes.

1Day Stand Initiative

By hosting a 1Day Stand event at your campus, you can start a conversation that ends in a healthier campus for all. Our goals for the event are to:
     Encourage students who use tobacco to quit for the day, with an aim to quit for good
     Raise awareness of the benefits of tobacco-free campus policies

Tobacco-free campus policies protect students, staff and faculty from many health harms associated with tobacco use and smoke exposure. They reduce pollution from cigarette butts and other tobacco litter. They give tobacco users another reason to quit.

TRU – Tobacco Resistance Movement

Join Pennsylvania’s youth coalition!  Educate your peers about the dangers of tobacco and nicotine addiction and expose the lies of Big Tobacco:

Help youth who smoke QUIT
Save lives
Make your voice heard on public policy issues regarding tobacco and nicotine

Learn more about how youth can be tobacco free:

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