Public Health 3.0

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Public Health 3.0


Despite Public Health’s Focus on how environments impact health, our ZIP codes remain a more accurate determinant of health than our genetic codes. As a society, we have a collective responsibility to create conditions that allow all members of our communities to live healthy lives.

The Department of Health is holding four regional events across the Commonwealth to bring together different sectors (e.g. business, education, housing, transportation, etc.) to have a conversation about how we can create conditions that allow all members of our communities to live healthy lives.

State Physical and Nutrition Activity (SPAN) Webinar

An introduction to the State Physical Activity and Nutrition (SPAN) Program, provided by the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, Obesity Prevention and Wellness Section, PA Department of Health. Learn how you can stay informed about SPAN strategy implementation, outcomes and community funding opportunities. This webinar includes a brief overview of the following:

  • Pennsylvania Department of Health, Obesity Prevention and Wellness Section;
  • Obesity prevalence and risk data;
  • State Physical Activity and Nutrition Program Strategies;
  • Food Service Guidelines;
  • Maternity care practices in birthing facilities to support breastfeeding;
  • Implementation and integration of nutrition and physical activity standards in early care and education state systems;
  • Community planning and transportation interventions that support safe and accessible physical activity; and
  • SPAN evaluation.

2018 Community Health Rankings - Pennsylvania webinar


2-28-2018 Pennsylvania’s Opioid Crisis: Dispelling Myths and Taking Action

 Webinar Recording

Webinar Materials


Q&A Document  

Stress = Dis-Ease - An Examination of Adverse Childhood Experiences’ Impact on Health Later in Life

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Event Locations

Event locations have been chosen based on Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings’ health outcome data around social determinants and health disparities.

Public Health 3.0 Event Locations

First Phase Locations

Follow-up Events


The Department of Health is setting up hub-and-spoke models at each of the four regional areas.  Hub-and-spoke models allow us to create a sustainable model to provide technical assistance and share evidence-based practices directly to the communities working with us to improve health outcomes.

Hub-and-Spoke Model

What is a “Hub?”

Benefits of a hub-and-spoke model

Expectations for hub organizations

Hub Organizations


  • Every six months the Department will work with community partners to hold follow-up events that will check in on progress

  • Follow-up events will have a different feel to them with Ted talks, report outs on progress from hubs, and more time for sharing in best practices from each other


Evidence-based practices